misc, rca's fus holders power wire

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misc, rca's fus holders power wire

Postby HawaiianBassHed » Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:04 am

I have loads of stuff and noticed the server must've crashed so I figured I'll add another thread to this empty forum :( ... I have lots of feedback on pretty much any audio forum.. run a search if you want you'd be cut out to find negatives I'd expect :) also ebay hawaiianbasshead don't use an a on some forums because apparently it's too long to fit.. anyway, I'll post more pix if anyone wants something... have generic rca's 18' raptor I think it is, and a 6' older RF purple, a short 6' generic wal-mart one with a 90 degree end on one side, lots of short 0awg pieces lmk if you're interested and I'll take newer pix here's one from a while ago...


only the short stinger red is stinger, some is JL black ones, some blue is hooker, some is directed... um short pieces, but I have a total of like 40' worth of small pieces, so this would be ideal for big 3, ground wires and short jumpers... $38 shipped for the entire pile of it like I said iirc it's over 40' I'll go check if there's interest I labeled each one with a tag of how long they are :)

have maxi 4awg fuse holder with 100a fuse. have a 10 or 8awg maxi with wire attached w/30a fuse. have a 4awg ANL holder with 150a fuse... guess that's all for now... lmk on the pix if anyone wants and specs, I'm drunk now though so it'll have to wait til tomorrow... late!

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